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Startups and Venture Capital



Need a start-up lawyer to guide you through the legalities of setting up, funding or scaling a business?

Well, you’re in luck. We specialize in assisting start-ups, entrepreneurs and high-growth companies.


Finding a start-up lawyer who really grasps the ins and outs of high-growth tech businesses can be a daunting task.


The landscape of a small medium sized business is very different to that of a tech start-up. It’s crucial that a start-up lawyer understands this difference between start-ups and small medium enterprises.


A start-up lawyer will focus on setting up a legal structure conducive for raising venture capital, that is able to incentivise key staff with equity and has a solid foundation to scale quickly.


We have assisted many tech start-ups to incorporate their companies, create their shareholding structure, scale their operations, protect their IP and negotiate and execute funding with investors.


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