We advise SMEs, Entrepreneurs and High-Growth Companies on the legal aspects of business financing.


Our clients rely on us to advise on, develop and refine their financing structure (be it debt or equity) from a legal perspective, to stand by them during negotiations, to prepare the definitive funding agreements and manage all stages of a transaction (due diligence, pre-closing, closing, post-closing).


O’Reilly Law’s expertise include: 


  • Term sheets.
  • Legal aspects pertaining to angel funding, venture capital and private equity transactions.
  • Advising startups and investors in relation to debt and equity financing.
  • Drafting, reviewing and negotiating loan agreements, security documents and guarantees.
  • Bridge financing agreements.
  • Securitisation (collateral agreements, pledge, cession, surety and guarantees).
  • Loan agreements, convertible loan agreements and SAFE agreements.
  • Preparation of definitive funding agreements following the signing of term sheets (MOIs, Shareholder Agreements, and Subscription Agreements).

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