More and more South African entrepreneurs are resorting to e-commerce and leveraging the internet to build their businesses. E-commerce provides unprecedented opportunities for startups and established businesses alike.


As the market rapidly and continuously grows and evolves, so do the legal risks. Each and every business that sells a product or service on the internet must take a proactive approach to operate within established legal guidelines in the world of electronic commerce.


Our attorneys have actively represented clients on a multitude of legal aspects pertaining to technology and e-commerce-related transactions.



Our services include:


  • advising on all aspects of e-commerce including the legal consequences of electronic business transactions;
  • reviewing or drafting terms and conditions for online business;
  • e-commerce agreements, such as software development, outsourcing, hosting, e-commerce websites development, marketing agreements;
  • advice regarding electronic transactions and signatures;
  • privacy and data security concerns;
  • e-commerce site development and advertising guidelines;
  • content and online service provider agreements;
  • click-wrap, web-wrap and link agreements;
  • domain name registration, protection and disputes, including cybersquatting.



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