Startup Law Packages

Kick-Start Your Business!

We applaud entrepreneurship and wish to do our part in supporting the start-up and SME community. The following packages are designed to help our clients get through the early stages of their business journey without jeopardizing their budgets.

New Company Registration

You have been running your business for a while and now need a more formal structure.

Kick-off knowing you have all your ducks in a row and have us register your new company.


  • Name Reservation.
  • Standard Memorandum of Incorporation for a private limited liability company.
  • Appointment of directors.
  • Issued share certificates.
  • Board and share register.

What we will need from you:

  • Three potential names for your new company;
  • Certified copy of the ID of the person incorporating the company;
  • Certified copy of all directors;
  • Business address;
  • Number of authorized shares (we can discuss this in the in-person consultation or zoom consultation);
  • Signed copy of a power of attorney that we’ll forward on to you.


Turnaround – if we have all the documents, you can have your new company within 1-3 days.

Give us a call at 021 9488 273, request a Zoom chat or send us an email at info@oreillylaw.co.za, for more info!

R2,500.00 ex VAT Enquire

Startup Co-Founder Package

Starting a business can be daunting. Starting it with co-founders, even more stressful.


We know your mind is running in a thousand different directions and you don’t know where to start and where to let go. Don’t panic, we are here to help!


One of the first things you really should focus on is formalising the relationship between you and your business partners, co-founders and/or investors.


Consider the following:


  • Who will run the show?
  • How will the parties put matters to a vote?
  • How will the shares be split?
  • Where will the funds come from?
  • What will the rights and responsibilities be of each party?
  • What should happen if a shareholder passes away, resigns, or is fired?
  • Who owns the intellectual property created.


These are just some of the aspects we can assist with.


We advise entrepreneurs on how to appropriately broach these questions and give them the tools to make informed decisions. Ultimately, we provide our clients with a set of foundational documents that ensures their business kicks off on the right note. 


This Package includes:

  • A Scoping Questionnaire Unpacking the Important Clauses to Be Addressed In A Memorandum of Incorporation and Shareholder Agreement;


  • An In-Depth Consultation with the Co-Founder’s Working Through the Scoping Questionnaire;


  • A Tailored Memorandum of Incorporation and Shareholders’ Agreement; and


  • An Intellectual Property Assignment Agreement (ensuring all the Co-Founders assign all right, title and interest to the company).



Give us a call at 021 9488 273, request a Zoom chat or send us an email at info@oreillylaw.co.za, for more info!

From R12,500.00 ex VAT Enquire

E-Commerce and Online Startup Package


Taking your business online?


Made the call to start your e-commerce business?


This package provides you with the basic documents needed to meet online, e-commerce, privacy and consumer law obligations; also ensuring you protect your business at its most vulnerable stage.



  • Consultation
  • Tailored Website and/or Mobile Application Online Terms
  • Website Browser Terms


Give us a call at 021 9488 273, request a Zoom chat or send us an email at info@oreillylaw.co.za, for more info!

From R6,500.00 ex VAT Enquire