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Legal Partner For Your Business

Our clients are #SMEs, #Entrepreneurs and #High-Growth Companies!

Entrepreneurs JUMP and decide to build the plane on the way down (thank you Reid Hoffman for the quote)! We help you build that plane, we tighten the nuts and the bolts, act as your legal partner/co-pilot and advise on co-ordinates.


We know you want to build a successful and thriving #business, make an impact locally or even internationally, and that you want to leave a legacy. We know you sometimes just need a guiding hand, legal soundboard and sanity check, that gives you the peace of mind that you’re on the right route.


You are the hero in the story, we are merely a legal partner helping you unlock the genius already in you!

Our O’Reilly Law 8 Framework (ORL8) is designed so we can provide strategic legal solutions from incorporation to exit, always sitting right next to you as your legal co-pilot, helping you navigate the route to success.


The ORL8 framework is our way of helping you build that thriving business, a business that has a solid legal structure, can confidently enforce provisions of an agreement if needed, manages business risk effectively, can enter any business negotiation from a position of strength and ultimately has purpose.


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We do what we do, because of you!

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