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Company Secretarial Services for Entrepreneurs – Pty (Ltd) Registrations, Director Amendments and Share Register Updates.

We are determined to lead the way in delivering cost effective company secretarial solutions to Startups, Entrepreneurs and High-Growth Companies. 


Our Company Secretarial Services team understand your business issues and we are determined to lead the way in delivering cost effective solutions for your corporate governance and company secretarial needs.


Some of our company secretarial services include:


1. Registration of companies, providing shelf companies and/or attending to statutory changes;


2. Conversion of Cc’s to private companies or public companies;


3. Maintaining the share and board registers and minute books at our offices;


4. Appointment/resignation of directors, public officers, company secretaries, etc;


5. Transferring shares, allotment of shares, issuing of share certificates;


6. Special resolutions relating to – company name changes; – adoption of new MOI; – increase of the share capital; and – the creation of preference shares;


7. Changing the financial year-end and/or auditors of the Company;


8. Changing the registered office and postal addresses of the Company;


9. Attending meetings of the Directors and the taking of the minutes. Need assistance?


Contact a member of our team, Zubeida Isaacs Campbell, at or 021 9488 273


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