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Attention all business owners and #Entrepreneurs – with the publication of the Lockdown Regulations issued by the Department of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs dated 25 March 2020  you should by now have determined whether your business is eligible to qualify as an Essential Services Business or not.

If you have determined that you are indeed a provider of ‘essential goods’ and ‘essential services’, you have probably asked yourself the following:


“What do I, or my employees, say or do, if we are questioned by an enforcement officer during this lockdown period?


Do I simply say I am a staff member of an “Essential Service Business” and simply be on my way?”


In terms of the Lock Down Regulations, it will be imperative for you to demonstrate to the enforcement officer that your (or employees) movements are not restricted during this time. (Note, that you won’t be able to go out and about outside of your scope of employment, though!)


To this end, it will be best to produce some form of confirmation, right?


We can assist you in this regard by –


providing you with a confirmatory letter verifying and confirming your status as a provider of “Essential Services and Goods” (if indeed the case), and in line with the Lockdown Regulations; preparing a confirmatory letter for the ‘head of your institution’ / chief executive officer, to be placed on your company letterhead demonstrating that your business is providing ‘Essential Services’ and ‘Essential Goods’; assistance with your business application and registration as an “Essential Services Business”  with the Department of Trade, Industry and Competition via its Bizportal website and CIPC; and ensuring that your staff are in possession of a duly signed Annexure C Form: Permit to Perform Essential Services.


For assistance with the above, please get in touch with us at info@oreillylaw.co.za or contact us on 021 948 8273.


Stay safe!


O’Reilly Law Team


Article by Brent Petersen.


Brent Petersen is a commercial litigation associate at O’Reilly Law.


Note that no attorney-client relationship is formed hereby.