Huble Digital

A great personal service from a Corporate advisor. We needed expert South-African legal advice to complete the merger of our business software and services consultancy in London with our Cape Town Partner. We chose O’Reilly Law and knew immediately that we had made the right choice. Sound advice, clearly articulated and rapidly executed. We are continuing to work with them as we grow the businesses.They have my unequivocal recommendation!


Jack O’Reilly and his team at O’Reilly Law are simply best in class venture deal specialists. Meticulous and crafty, O’Reilly Law holds high quality in getting venture finance transactions structured and it was a joy working with them to get our deal over the line. DentX has been and will always be in the best hands with them! Excited to be part of the O’Reilly Law family.


O’Reilly Law has been 10x more than a law firm to us – they’ve enabled commercial and structural deals that would otherwise not have been possible, and have executed at the highest level with extreme pace. Jack and co have brought ‘street smarts’ to the table in tangent with methodical professionalism, and we’ve benefitted from their services time and again. As a burgeoning startup seeking exponential growth, O’Reilly Law is the only choice.


“Jack has been with Yalu since day one and so when he started O’Reilly Law, we didn’t hesitate asking him and his new team to continue to take care of our needs. Their turnaround time is always incredible, and they always use their expertise to get the best possible deal.”


“This law firm came recommended by one of my investors and turned out to be a brilliant choice for our startup. Jack and his team are dedicated, thorough, and fast at the same time at very reasonable rates. Professional yet pleasant and personal communication, pro-active thinking and quality results.

Highly recommended!“