Kick-Start Packages

Kick-Start Your Business!

We applaud entrepreneurship and wish to do our part in supporting the start-up and SME community. The following packages are designed to help our clients get through the early stages of their business journey without jeopardizing their budgets.

New Company Incorporation

You have been running your business for while and now need a more formal structure. Kick off knowing you have all your ducks in a row and have us register your new company. Be an #OReillyLawOriginal!



  • Consultation (aimed at giving new business owners a thorough understanding about private limited liability companies, their duties as directors and good governance).
  • Name Reservation.
  • Standard Memorandum of Incorporation for a private limited liability company.
  • Appointment of directors.
  • Issued share certificates.
  • Board and share register.


What we will need from you:


  • Three potential names for your new company;
  • Certified copy of the ID of the person incorporating the company;
  • Certified copy of all directors;
  • Business address;
  • Number of authorized shares (we can discuss this in the in-person consultation or telephone consultation);
  • Signed copy of a power of attorney that we’ll forward on to you.


Turnaround – if we have all the documents, you can have your new company within 1-3 days.

R2,500.00 Enquire

New Business Fundamentals

Starting a business can be daunting.


Your mind is running in a thousand different directions and you don’t know where to start and where to let go. Don’t panic, we are here to help!

One of the first things you really should focus on is formalising the relationship between you and your business partners, co-founders, funders and/or equity partners.


Consider the following:


Who will run the show? How will the parties put matters to a vote?
How will the shares divvied up?
Where will the funds come from?
What will the rights and responsibilities be of each party?
What happens if a shareholder or business partner decides to leave? Will they keep their piece of the pie?
Will each shareholder be employed by the company? Will some only be ‘silent’ partners?
Who owns the intellectual property created?


These are just some of the aspects we can assist with.


We advise entrepreneurs how to appropriately approach these questions, give them the tools and knowledge to make the best decisions and ultimately assist in drafting the agreements that ensures their business is built on solid fundamentals.



  • Consultation.
  • Bespoke MOI or Shareholders’ Agreement aligning stakeholder expectations and formalising the terms that will govern the business relationship.
  • C-Level Employment Agreement (Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Technical Officer or even the ‘Chief Coffee Maker’!;
  • Intellectual Property Assignment Agreement (Ensuring all relevant parties assign all intellectual property to the company).
R7,000.00 Enquire

Grow The Team


Building a strong and effective team is critical to business success. Whether it is an employee, agent or independent contractor, having the appropriate agreement in place will give you peace of mind that these individuals will adopt your business culture, ethos and way of doing things. Ultimately, an agreement on-boarding a person into your business, should not only lay down the rules but also reflect how your business is a leading employer that cares for its employees and people they do business with.


Team building is both an art and a science and the leader who can consistently build high performance teams is worth their weight in gold.




  • Consultation.
  • Employment Agreement.
  • Employment Policy.
  • Guide on setting up an HR contract management and version control process.
R7,000.00 Enquire

Trademark Registration

Your trademark is the face of your business and should be protected. We can help you to register a trademark and give you the tools to prevent someone from using similar signs, slogans or words.


Once granted, your trademark registration will remain in force for 10 years. Thereafter, it can be renewed for further 10-year periods.


  • Free Trademark Search
  • Trademark registration (per mark per class).
R2,500.00 Enquire

Intellectual Property Protection



  • Consultation.
  • Intellectual Property Identification Checklist (helping you identify where your IP lies within your business).
  • Intellectual Property Assignment Agreement.
  • Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement.
  • Review of up to 2 operational agreements within your business to secure your intellectual property, know-how and ‘secret sauce’ recipe.
R5,000 Enquire

Selling Online



  • Consultation.
  • Commercial Terms (Selling online).
  • Website Terms of Use (Your browser terms).
  • Privacy Policy.


R5,000.00 Enquire

Employee Incentivisation

Incentivise key talent within your organisation with a bespoke employee incentivisation scheme. Whether it is a Employee Share Option Plan (ESOP),  Employee Share Scheme (ESS), Phantom Share Scheme or Employee Trust, we can assist.



  • Consultation.
  • Development of bespoke scheme rules detailing the terms and rights and responsilbilties of all stakeholders participating.
  • Nomination agreement or notice for each employee or beneficiary of the scheme.
  • Board and shareholder resolutions authorising the adoption of the chosen scheme.





Introduction to Corporate Governance

Businesses that follow good corporate governance principles are not only concerned with making a quick profit, they are also interested in their longevity and the social and environmental impact they have. Purpose-Driven!


Corporate governance is as vital to SMEs as it is for large corporations and the implementation of cost-effective and efficient mechanisms will establish structure, improve operations, contribute to business growth and ensure effective compliance with the law


What is Corporate Governance?


Rules and practices that determine what a business and its various stakeholders can and cannot do. These rules determine who controls what, and how controls are exercised. The goal of corporate governance is to ensure that individuals act with integrity and in the best interest of the business and its various stakeholders.


In South Africa, corporate governance is guided by the King Committee, and the King Report is updated every few years, as required, and the latest update is called, the King IV Report.


SMEs can use the key recommendations of King IV to improve their chances of success and their overall ethical conduct.


From our perspective, this package aims to up-skill entrepreneurs about how to develop a healthy corporate governance system and, by so doing, will integrate good business practice and, ultimately, good governance principles, into their growing business.




  • 2 Hour Workshop dealing with:


Introduction and context of a corporate governance policy;

Alignment of a corporate governance policy with governing documents;

Duties and responsibilities of the board of directors;

Company secretarial management (convening board and shareholder meetings, board meeting minutes, resolutions, board appointments, share register updating, document management and company notices etc.);

King IV’s influence and effect on SMEs.


  • Introductory Guide on Corporate Governance for Small Business.


  • Suite of Company Notices and Resolutions.
R7,000.00 Enquire