South Africa’s COVID-19 Contact Tracing – A Lawful Limitation on Privacy?



The governments’ efforts to combat the spread of COVID-19 and deter contravention of the Lockdown Regulations have been fortified.

Chapter 3 of the Amendment to the Disaster Management Act Regulations (“the Amendment”) introduces the COVID-19 Contact Tracing measures.

Ensure You Comply With The Requirements To Remain Open As An Essential Services Business During The COVID-19 Lockdown.



Attention all business owners: with the publication of the regulations issued by the Department of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs dated 25 March 2020 (“Lockdown Regulations”) you should by now have determined whether your business is eligible to qualify as an Essential Services Business or not (if you are still uncertain, give us a call!).

Pandemic Workplace Policy Template

With the declaration of Covid-19 (“Pandemic”) as a National Disaster, businesses and employers are grappling with the challenges of contingency planning and the management of the compromised workplace dynamics in the face of this pandemic.

As your legal business partner committed to be of assistance in the good as well as times of adversity, O’Reilly Law has prepared a high-level Pandemic Policy Template for your organisation – in line with the recommendations of the WHO and local labour laws. Please note that this document represents a generic approach and, subject to the statutory references and evidenced based statements contained herein, should be tailored to your organisation.

We remain at your disposal to discuss the contents of this Pandemic Policy Template or any other aspects which arise in your operations as a result of the Pandemic.

Let’s join together as responsible agents to combat the spread of this Pandemic.

Yours faithfully,

O’Reilly Law Team

What goes around, comes around. The Loop Structure Relaxation!

On 31 October 2019, the Financial Surveillance Department of the South African Reserve Bank (FinSurv), released Circular 18/2019 (Circular) regarding the creation of loop structures by South African residents investing abroad, which relaxed the rules regarding loop structures.


Labour Law Services In Cape Town

It is essential for employers to ensure the contractual employment and policy documents are in place which formalises the relationship between it and its employees. These documents cover both parties’ rights and entitlements and should be prepared by experts to ensure compliance with labour legislation. Businesses of all sizes require specialist and practical legal advice and guidance on a wide range of labour law issues and O’Reilly Law’s lawyers, have the expertise to assist.

Labour and Employment Law

Do you need assistance with labour and employment law services?

We provide specialised services related to employee management, human resources (HR), and workplace and industrial relations.

Carmen Fourie, is our newest member to the O’Reilly Law team and  an experienced and knowledgeable employment law consultant. Assisted by our team of lawyers, Carmen is championing our employment law offering.

Do you have valid restrictions and restraints that are enforceable? Do you have an effective procedure for enforcing your employment policies and terminating employment? Are your policies and procedures current and legally compliant?

These are just some of the questions you need to ask, when running a business and employing employees.