Labour Law Services In Cape Town

It is essential for employers to ensure the contractual employment and policy documents are in place which formalises the relationship between it and its employees. These documents cover both parties’ rights and entitlements and should be prepared by experts to ensure compliance with labour legislation. Businesses of all sizes require specialist and practical legal advice and guidance on a wide range of labour law issues and O’Reilly Law’s lawyers, have the expertise to assist.

Labour and Employment Law

Do you need assistance with labour and employment law services?

We provide specialised services related to employee management, human resources (HR), and workplace and industrial relations.

Carmen Fourie, is our newest member to the O’Reilly Law team and  an experienced and knowledgeable employment law consultant. Assisted by our team of lawyers, Carmen is championing our employment law offering.

Do you have valid restrictions and restraints that are enforceable? Do you have an effective procedure for enforcing your employment policies and terminating employment? Are your policies and procedures current and legally compliant?

These are just some of the questions you need to ask, when running a business and employing employees.

Introducing Contract Connect – Your Digital Contract Management Solution

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A client-centric contract management solution, helping SMEs monitor and manage their documents and contracts, digitally, efficiently and securely.


Free your team to work on higher value projects and get O’Reilly Law’s legal contract management and compliance support to take care of the rest.

Litigation Attorney

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Commercial and Litigation Attorney.


O’Reilly Law is a boutique commercial law firm, established the 1st of September 2018.


We’re looking for a junior litigation attorney with commercial law experience. An individual with a passion for business law, litigation and an entrepreneurial spirit will be the perfect fit.



Requirements for Mergers and Amalgamations

The Companies Act, 71 of 2008 (“the Companies Act “), has brought a significant change in the manner South Africa implements and perfects mergers and amalgamations. With a complete paradigm shift, it aligned South Africa with international best practices and the statutory merger provisions adopted a U.S. style approach in relation to the requirements and procedures. This article takes a look at the requirements as set out in section 113 read with section 115 of the Companies Act.

Selling Your Business? Consider These 4 Things First!

You have built your business for years and poured blood sweat and tears into the value creation.  Now ready to sell, be sure not to waste all your efforts by stumbling over the last hurdle and rushing the sale process.

There are several important issues that need to be considered when selling a business. You need to consider them meticulously, and make sure your sale of business agreement accurately reflects your agreement with your purchaser in relation to these important points.

4 Points to Consider When Setting Up An Employee Share Ownership Plan (ESOP)

An Employee Share Ownership Plan (ESOP) allows SMEs and Start-ups to award shares or share options to key employees and members of their team. This is a creative tool used by many companies who are struggling to keep up with the counterpart corporate salaries being offered and struggling to attract and retain top talent.

How to Register a Company: A Step-By-Step D.I.Y

Registering a business in South Africa has become so easy – the need to leave your house and stand in never-ending queues is long gone in our technologically-advanced world.  Below, we have laid out a step-by-step DIY on how to register your company simply by using the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) website portal,

Buying and Selling of a Business

Selling and or buying a business involves several important steps to ensure a smooth handover to a new owner – which steps include conducting a proper due diligence, preparing enforceable contracts, risk management and contract review, negotiations, delivery and settlement implementation.